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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girls' Jamboree 2009: On a Quest!!!!!

Each year our church attends the state Girls' Club Jamboree. It is an event for local churches to bring girls ages 3-18 for an overnight trip. This year's event was in early October.  We left on a Friday afternoon and loaded up the church van with 9 girls and 3 chaperones-- and lots of overnight bags and necessities. The campground is about a 2 and a half hour drive and the girls had fun chatting and singing on the way. That was what I used to love the most about church trips was riding in the van. I can remember all of the fun I had just traveling with my friends (Melody, Shelley, MiChele, Lynn, Jean, Tanya, Kim) just to name a few.

I appreciate my friends Karen and Ashely for going with me to help chaperone the trip. Eveyone is so busy this time of year and I know there were other things they could have done, but they gave of there time to help out. Thanks Ashley and Karen!

Here are a few pictures of us chaperones after the long van ride with a bunch of giddy girls!

That night before bed, the girls had a pajama pageant. They were quite the hams as they walked down the "runway" (orange carpet in the cabin). Here are some pictures of them modeling the latest in sleepwear fashions and accessories.



The next day the girls had a great time playing games, jumping in the inflatables, and just hanging out with their friends. An all girl band, "Seven More Years for Rachel" from Hot Springs led praise and worship during the church service. This group had not only wonderful musical talent but a great testimony for the girls as well.


There were even some teen girls that had some fun. This is Abby & Angel from Pathway Church of God (my home church). They didn't act like they were too big to participate at the Jamboree. They jumped in and had fun too. Don't they look sweet?

Below is a picture of Michelle Maggard, ACOGGCC (Arkansas Church of God Girls Club's Coordinator). She and the Girls Club Board worked hard planning a fun weekend for the girls. I would say that it was successful and that the girls (and us big girls) all had a great time!

 I am looking forward to futures trips with these girls. They are a wonderful group of kids. Some come from broken homes and have endured sad circumstances in their lives, yet they desire to live for the Lord. The theme for the Jamboree was "Quest". Our group made a banner called "On a Quest for God's Best". That's what we should all strive for in life.

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  1. Glad I got to go and help out. Just wish I didn't have to leave early on Saturday. You and Ashley were fun to hang out with! Hope I can do it again next year.....maybe we will have a "Anna Marie" that can one day particpate in the girls club and!